Introducing Banshee 3D

Posted on Sep 21, 2016

Welcome to the home of the Banshee 3D game engine.

This project is an attempt to create a truly powerful and high quality open source engine that can run the next generation of games, as well as serve as a foundation for creation of future technologies and tools.

Such engine can ensure:

  • Developers no longer have to buy large amount of expensive licenses or pay royalties in order to make more demanding titles
  • Developers don't have to worry or work around bugs and missing features present in closed source engines
  • Everyone is free to use, study and modify it without limiting proprietary licenses, whether for personal, educational or commercial purposes
  • The open source community can enhance and extend as much as they want

Banshee tries to accomplish this by focusing on a few key aspects:

  • Intuitive tools and API - Many engines today offer interfaces are that overly complicated, non-intuitive and require a lot of prerequisite knowledge. Banshee learns from existing projects and attempts to provide something that is intuitive and easy to use, without sacrificing functionality.

  • High performance and robust - Most, if not all, open source engines today are built to create smaller titles and are unable to handle larger titles without significant, usually impractical, modifications. Banshee aims to be an open source engine that performs well enough to run even the most demanding games, focuses on being on the bleeding edge of modern technologies and provides support for systems and middleware often required by AAA titles.

  • Modern codebase - Most popular engines today have been created over a decade ago. Their code has evolved as time passed, their systems patched and modified to keep up with the times. They were designed as in-house engines meant to be modified by employees with a lot of prerequisite knowledge. This results in sub-par design and presents a very high barrier of entry for those wanting to modify engine internals. Banshee has been built from the ground up using modern C++14 code and modern design, clean public API and fully documented code. It has been designed with open source community in mind, so that every bit of the engine can easily be modified and extended, from high level tools to lowest level internals.

The project is just getting started, and you can expect to hear more about it in the coming months. For now, feel free to download one of our developer preview builds, browse the source code or join in on the development by contributing.